8-week Menstruation Coaching


Beloved woman,

this program is a result of my own journey into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries. Diving deep into my own process it allowed me to love myself more and therefore open space for the healing to happen.

I invite you now into the practice of the ancient feminine practice, to walk a path of profound transformation and love.

This program was developed with a lot of love for women who want to dive deep and commit to themselves and their own place and purpose in this lifetime.
It was specially designed for women of all ages and life stages.

The protocol is developed to go through two months where I will be personally guiding you and making sure you keep pace with your own process.

Women who work with me will experience profound transformation, resulting in a great impact in their love relationships, sex life and on all other levels of their lives.


The paradigm in which we live is a patriarchal one, in which women have no room for their ciclical nature, for their sacred femininity.

Your womb is sacred. The awakening of our wombs is one of the biggest revolutions in our days. Our womb is the center of our power and of our unique medicine as a woman.

Connecting to your womb is like coming home. Connecting to your menstruation cycle is the key.

From then on you will not so easily be drawn into others problems and energies. Your boundaries will be set.

The womb is like the cauldron where we die and are reborn every month. It is the place of instinct, vital sexual energy and of the wild woman in us. It is where the future generations arrive in this planet.

Starting a love relationship with our cyclical womb is therefore vital.

Many information in the form of emotions, sufferings, wounds are transmitted to us from our mother’s womb and to her from her mother and so on for generations. The time has come we interrupt this patterns of suffering through our own healing process.

This program is for you if:

–       you want to become more ALIVE

–       you want to become more feminine and more sensual

–       you want to heal your womb and your Yoni

–       you want to feel more confident and happy with yourself and life

–       you want to start enjoying your Shakti energy

Benefits of the Journey:

This is an initiation journey for your self-healing, an initiation journey to the feminine ancestral wisdom.

It is the path of awakening to the magic of being a woman.

It is the path of awakening to your own medicine, the one you brought to the world.

You start a path of deep knowledge of your body and your cyclical nature with all the impact on the energetic, emotional, mental and physical bodies.

You start your way back home, back to Mother Earth with all the empowerment that this connection promises you.

It is a journey of  deep rerooting ourselves into the Earth mother and into our Womanhood.

How does the program work?

·      8 sessions

·      Weekly basis (ideally, but it can vary according to your needs)

·      Time duration of a session: 60 to 90 minutes

·      The sessions are planned to be presently or online

·      WhatsApp support during the entire program

·      Time duration of the journey: 2 months

On our first meeting we will go deep into your story, goals, wishes and needs, in order for me to understand how I can best serve you. From there I will develop a program, according to your needs and goals.

A strong commitment is required in order for the program to be entirely successful. Once you apply to the journey, please make sure you have the time to fully dedicate yourself to it.

Energy exchange: 588 € (let me know if you need financial support and we will find a way ;))

I invite you to a free 30 minutes call to get to know each other and better understand how this program can serve you.