Standing with the Earth – antigo

The first time I tried this ritual was in ZEGG summer camp.

Heike Pourian, a committed activist and initiator of this ritual, offered it every day at 7.20 am.

I was amazed at how simple and at the same time how powerful it was. Many thanks to Heike Pourian!

Standing with the Earth is a call collectively to pause from action, to stand in silence, listen to and connect with the Earth, humbly acknowledging and deeply sensing our interbeing – a starting point for any measure taken to meet the urgent problems of our time.

In these times of undeniable crisis and urgency we tend to assume that only something very spectacular and radical can save us. Yes. And the opposite might just as easily be true. It could be that silently reconnecting with the Earth is the most radical thing we can do.

Standing with the Earth can provide a solid, nurturing and empowering basis for taking action, because it offers a solid stance from which to operate, an alignment that can prevent blind and erratic activism.

Embodiment is absolutely political. We need to share this treasure of sensing, this vital competence with a world in crisis, and we invite people all over to Stand with the Earth.


For me, Standing with the Earth, is also to Stand for All our Relations. The whole planetary family. To stand with the mountains, the forests and deserts, to stand with the oceans and rivers, to stand with all living beings.

To Stand for a neutrality and appreciation zone where we love others… but don’t have to always agree with them. In these times we are living, that is how I sense this ritual. To Stand strongly for the sun in my heart and to be compassionate to myself as well.

We are Standing every Saturday at 11.00 am and the event goes till 12.00 am, in Gleisdreieck park in Berlin.

Please bring a cloth to sit on and an offering for our altar to mother Earth.

Join us to build a Standing Comunity in Berlin.

If you want to join our Chat in Telegram here is the link:

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Time of duration: 20 Minutes, Group Ritual

This Event is free of charge.