Shamanic Journey

“Looking behind I am filled with gratitude, looking forward I am filled with vision, looking upward I am filled with strength, looking within I am filled with peace.”

in: Remember Native Americans

Drawing on the traditions of Shamanic Drum Journeying, I will guide you on a healing adventure through sacred sound using frame drum and voice.

During this journey, you dive deeply into a state of entrainment, a trance-like altered state of being. During this ecstatic trance-like consciousness, you can go deep with in the three inner planes of consciousness (lower, middle and upper), meet power animals, have visions and gain deeper insights. The imagery from these experiences is a combination of our imagination and information conveyed to us by the spirits.

Note: this format can, as well be done online in Zoom. Important not to be interrupted during the session.

Time duration: 60 Minutes

Price: 70€