Shamanic Drumming Assignement

“The drum represents the universal heartbeat of Mother Earth, the Universal goddess and mother to us all. The first sound that was heard in the world was the heartbeat of Mother Earth.”

Frist Nations People

The drum is one of the world’s most ancient therapeutic instruments that was first seen played by women in cultures worldwide. It is an instrument used for entrainment, ritual, chanting and deep healing.

How drumming can help you:

– promoting a cellular re-wiring and tuning of the nervous system towards homeostasis

– physical + mental relaxation

– relief from stress & depression

– inspire greater clarity of thought

The first part of this session is to take you to a deep relaxed state.

From there we follow to a second part launching your dreams & wishes into the universe to be fulfilled.

Note: this format can also be done online in Zoom.Important not to be interrupted during the session.

Time duration: 60 minutes

Price: 70 €