Cacao, Theobroma cacao, is an ancient sacred seed, it is rainbow medicine, medicine of the soul and medicine of peace.

The Cacao plant, Cacao spirit, is a medicinal plant, a teacher plant. It’s gentle yet powerful. It is a heart opener, a rainbow medicine – it connects people from all directions and nations, genders and attitudes.

With the Mayas and the Aztecs it was sacred and the name Theobroma cacao means “food of the gods”. It was used ceremonially and for healing, used as a medicine. When the spanish  “conquistadores” arrived in America they called it dark almonds and later on, after understanding their value they called it “oro negro” (black gold) as Cacao was used as a way of current exchange.

It has a healing effect on the body, mind and spirit. It has an aphrodisiac, heart-opening effect, opens the mind and makes it alert, can cause joy and relaxation and brings a sense on Interbeing,  deep sense of connection to all around us.
It contains the highest concentration of antioxidants & magnesium of any food on earth. It also contains many other helpful ingredients such as theobromine, zinc, copper, iron, VitC, omega 6 fatty acids, serotonin and many more.

Cacao carries within a powerful medicine that nourishes the soul and connects the human heart with the heartbeat of life itself. The Cacao Mother invites us to remember that we are part of the earth, of nature, the stars and the cosmos and that we only are in relationship with both the living and the spiritual world.

Working with the Cacao medicine allows us to UPload the power of all creation into our trillions cells, into our DNA.

In this ceremony we will sing to the Cacao deva and to all the spirits, we will pray and we will be working as well with sacred mantra chanting and with shamanic journeying.

What you can expect from a Cacao ceremony:

  • expansion of your heart chakra
  • a deeper sense of Interbeing, being with others, connecting to the world around you and to the magic it contains
  • cacao is a mood enhancer supporting you in feeling more relaxed and at peace
  • opening space to let go of dense energies, negative thinking & patterns
  • a feeling of freedom and acute awareness (focus)

Note: Please don’t eat 3 hours before a Cacao ceremony or drink any Coffee. If you are taking anti-depressiva or you are pregnant you can drink a smaller portion.

Time duration: 3 hours

Price: varies