Womb Activation

“I embrace my strong spirit within my blood time…

Through the transformation of my womb

My magic, healing and wisdom unfolds.”

Bleeding women’s song, by Spider

Your womb is sacred. The awakening of our wombs is one of the biggest revolutions in our days. Our womb is the center of our power and of our unique medicine as a woman.

Connecting to our womb is like coming home. From then on you will not so easily be drawn into others problems and energies. Your boundaries will be set.

The womb is like the cauldron where we die and are reborn every month. It is the place of instinct, vital sexual energy and of the wild woman in us. It is where the future generations arrive in this planet.

Starting a love relationship with our womb is vital.

What can happen when you are disconnected from your womb?

  • you feel scattered, in need of being rooted
  • you find it difficult to trust your own gifts and talents
  • you find difficult to manifest your dreams
  • you are afraid to place your voice into the world
  • you find it difficult to trust your intuition
  • you have a strong TPM and menstrual pain

Many information in the form of emotions, sufferings, wounds are transmitted to us from our mother’s womb and to her from her mother and so on for generations.

The womb is not a place to accumulate pain but instead is a place to accumulate pleasure.

The womb activation is a first big step to love and honor your womb. It´s the beginning of a wonderful journey.

Please bring confortable clothes and drink no coffee three hours before the session.

Note: this format can also be done online in Zoom. Important not to be interrupted during the session.

Time duration: 90 Minutes

Price: 111 € (if you are in need of financial support let me know and we will find a way)