Menarche Ceremony

“Now you are entering the world.

You will become an adult with responsibilities…

Walk with honor and dignity.

Be strong!

For you are the mother of our people…

For you will become the mother of a nation.”

David Cohen, in: The circle of Life

Women have definite physiologic milestones that herald major life transitions. There was a time when these transitions were held holy, and served to connect us with the rhythms and cycles of the seasons and the moon. The first of these milestones is the Menarche Initiation Rite, held at the time of a young woman’s first menses to honor her crossing from girlhood to womanhood.

When rites of passage are not celebrated they leave a need in women for the expression of their transition.

In this session I invite you to celebrate your menarche. I take you on a journey, an important rite of passage where you will be able to give new information into all of your cell´s DNA: you will replace past information with new information: your dream menarche coming true…

This ritual of passage is also for daughters in their menarche BUT ALSO to any woman who did not have a proper menarche. More details will be given by appointment.

Please bring an offering to yourself and to the Earth for this ceremony

Note: this format can also be done online in Zoom. Important not to be interrupted during the session.

Time duration: 60 Minutes individually/ 90 Minutes in a group

Pricing: 88 € individual session/ group price varies according to place and distance