Sacred Feminine: menstrual moonwheel

The menstrual woman lives in a male-oriented society, which influences her perception of the world and of herself. This society offers no guidance, structure or concepts for the feelings and experiences of the menstrual cycle.

Well, dear woman, the good news is: you are not crazy, you are cyclical!

To be of a cyclical nature is to be constantly in transformation, it is to live in us the four elements, the four seasons, the four moon phases, the mysteries of life and death.

The taboo of menstruation is still well established in our society as well as the taboo of our menstrual blood.

In mother-centered cultures of the Neolithic the power of menstruation and of the menstrual blood was acknowledged and celebrated. Those practices became largely abused by patriarchal societies, which viewed menstrual power as being dangerous to men. This demonization of our menstrual cycle led to a huge disconnection from our bodies and to strong feelings of guilt.

A big revolution happens in a woman’s life when she starts knowing and honoring her menstrual cycle.

It is a moment of stopping denying ourselves to accept and honor the woman within. Hurray!

In this session I will give you tools and ancient knowledge for you to understand yourself and your cycle better and to start establishing a connection to the moon and its phases as well as to the female archetypes.

Learning to create our own MoonWheel is an amazing tool to start understanding yourself better and organize your month accordingly. It gives you a blueprint with which you can plan better your professional life, love life, sexual life, social life….

The Moonwheel is like starting a diary, your Moon Diary in which you report everything that concerns your body, your womb, your sacred blood… It is a beautiful creative process to find ourselves, and our own magic!

Please bring your last date of menstruation to this session.

Note: this format can also be done online in Zoom. Important not to be interrupted during the session.

This session lasts 90 Minutes. Price: 75 €