Blood Ceremony

Photo Art: Julia Vogel

 “We take from the Earth and say please. We give back to the earth and say thank you.”

Julia Parker, a Kashia Pomo

The blood ceremony, also called blood bonding to the Earth or planting the moon, is an ancestral practice from our feminine ancestors lineage. It is giving your menstrual blood back to the Earth.

In ancient times blood was used to ritual religious practices as well as to feed the crops due to its high vitamin content and energetic vibration.

The benefits of this practice are enormous:

  • it establishes a strong relation to your blood, your womb, your body, your cycle, your womanhood and the ancestral feminine
  • it brings you more to yourself (the goddess within), to spirituality and to mother Earth
  • it diminishes menstrual cramps and TPM symptoms
  • it strengthens your self-love as you stop rejecting your blood
  • you start seeing your body as a sacred temple
  • you start nurturing mother Earth and not polluting it anymore
  • it supports you toward the manifestation of your dreams

In this session I will guide you on the ceremony of blood bonding to the Earth.

Please bring your sacred menstrual blood to this session as well as other offerings (biodegradable) you might have.

This ritual is also for women in menopause or post menopause. To replace and symbolize the blood you can bring some juice of berry fruits or red wine.

Note: this format can also be done online in Zoom. We can perform the whole ritual with a house plant. Important not to be interrupted during the session.

Time of duration: 60-90 Minutes

Price: 88 € ( if you are in need of financial support let me know and we will find a way)