Far from being a practice of obscure arts, the modern witch movement is about female empowerment and is essentially based on female shamanism. Female shamanism consists of the work of RE-taking possession of myself, it is a work of the gradual mastery of myself in the sense of actively and intelligently beginning to create the life and the world we want. This process begins with our Selves.
What you get in this journey:
Self-expression: sexuality & voice.
Unleashing your wild feminine.
Awakening to your Medicine.

A RE learning to inhabit your body and its aliveness: a huge diminishing of PMS symptoms
A RE rooting into the Earth.
How is it going to happen:
8 online meetings at Zoom
Duration: from 11.00 till 13.30
All sessions will be recorded for further use and in case you miss one session.

What you will learn
Prayer of the Great Goddess
Prayer Mothers of a New Earth
Aligning with the Grandmother Moon wisdom
To create your own Book of Magic spells
To weave and spin new patterns into your life
To start living accordingly with nature patterns and the wheel of the year
To listen to the voice of the Earth

Registration: mariadospassos@gmail.com