Medicine Wheel

Photo Art: Katrin Richter / MedicineWheel Cloth: Katrin Richter

 “The Sacred Hoop ancient teacher of the four holy powers and seven directions. The four winds, Father Sky, Mother Earth and the Center of All, divine and holy. Timeless Lakota wisdom and knowledge of the four changing seasons, elements and life stages. The medicine Wheel, sacred instructor of Life.”

Cangleska Wakan

The medicine wheel is a magical circle that includes the whole world. As you wander around it, you will encounter innumerable wonders inside and outside its limits. With it you will be able to achieve the wonderful thing of getting to know yourself: who you are, what you know, and what you can achieve in this life.
We are now more than ever being asked to open our eyes and ears, our thoughts and hearts and to recognize the magic that always surrounds us.

In our day and age, one tends to view the Earth as a mere background for the use of human activity and to regard minerals, plants and animals as mere servants of mankind. We have long since forgotten that they can also be our teachers; that they can open up a world of thoughts and feelings to which the human heart has been closed for far too long. We have forgotten that we are not alone as a human family but with all of our relatives on this earth.

We forgot how to hear the stories and songs that the winds carry with them.

We have forgotten to listen to the wisdom of the stones that have had their place on this earth since the beginning of time…

In the indian vision, people are not restricted to their original location, direction or clan. You won’t always have the strengths or weaknesses of a unique position on the wheel. You have to wander around the circle as much as possible to find out the ideas, requirements, strengths and weaknesses of as many positions as possible. The essence of the medicine wheel is movement and change.

In this session you will journey the medicine wheel and connect to your feelings, receiving answers messages and guidance to your personal quest.

Note: this format can also be done online in Zoom. Important not to be interrupted during the session.

Time duration: 90 Minutes

Price: 85€