Nature Medicine Walk

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth.”

Thích Nhât Hanh

A medicine walk is a facilitated walk in nature that allows you to slow down, tune in, shift consciousness and receive the medicine that your soul needs.

What medicine are you needing at this moment in your life?

When you call in the medicine or the power to find guidance for a specific problem challenge or question you’re facing, magical things happen. 

In many contemporary Rites of Passage traditions there is often an invitation to walk as a preparation for the actual initiation piece.  This Medicine Walk would happen from dawn to dusk a month prior to the Rites of Passage ceremony.  It is a time to begin asking good questions and to begin the process of being open and receptive to the other-than-human realm and to the Mystery, or Otherness. 

We choose to do such a thing if we have a desire to grow and if we have a desire for change and transformation.  It is a time for contemplation and for reconnecting with ourselves and the natural world.

Please bring the question/ quest you might have.

Time duration. 2-3 hours, Group Ritual

Prive: varies