7th July 2021

Blessed be the Portuguese land

I am an emigrant for 20 years. I lived in Holland, in North Wales, in the Cape Verde islands and now in Germany (besides other places where I travelled to). Every time I arrive in Portuguese land tears come to my eyes. A wave of joy permeates all the trillion cells of my body.

The light, the smells, the landscape, the nature, the people, the architecture of the houses, the food and more thousand of little details that message me I am home in the place where I truly belong.

I see myself as a citizen of the world but deep inside, Portugal will always be home. This little big country in Southern Europe surrounded by water is the most beautiful and amazing there is and I am proud of being Portuguese.

The power of the land is indeed very strong and nowadays I feel it and understand it in another way. Doing the work I do as a shaman, I now “see” better, I now “feel” differently…

and when my dear german friend Lena Gebhardt wrote me a message some days ago saying “- you shine so bright, in the land of your mothers!” it made so much sense to me…Yes…. in the land of my mothers and grandmothers, all these lineage of strong women that came before me, that are now here with me and that are yet to come. AHO!

My plan is to come back once and for all and till there I will keep coming and going always with “saudade” in my heart.

Deep gratitude for this land!Blessed be the Portuguese land, AHO!

I am still here till the 12th August and will be facilitating another Cacao Ceremony in Fundão on the 24th July and giving shamanic private sessions, so feel free to contact me!Let’s rock it!

Blessings your ways❤

Maria dos Passos🧙

Condor Woman, mother of the blue sky