Honoring a tree

Time spent amongst trees is never time waisted.

Imagine offering such a SPECIAL BIRTHDAY PRESENT to your dear ones…..

Imagine yourself or your loved ones around your favorite tree, honoring it, expressing your gratitude for all this tree gives you, everyday of your life….

With your intentions and wishes, you will be sending prayers and singing to that tree, in an act of deep reverence for this member of the Standing People…. the tree is a representative, in this ceremony, of the whole Earth, so your intentions and wishes will be spread to all the universe.

In this ceremony we have the oportunity to feel a sense of Interbeing, to feel we humans are not the only ones in this big planetary family, we are surrounded by the so-called All Relations: the cloud people, the thunder beings, the stone people,the plant people, the standing people (trees), the four-legged, the little people (fairies, devas, gnomes, salamanders and elfs) and all other life forms as well…. magic is all around us if only we dare.

For this ceremony I bring a self-made knitting coat that we will sew together around the tree as an honoring symbol of this ceremony. Another possibility is that you yourself knit the coat for the tree you chose.

Please choose the tree you wish to honor and send me it’s measure, perimeter, in cm so that I can knit the treecoat. If you want to knit yourself there is no need for sending me the measure.

Note: this ceremony is outdoors so it doesn’t represent any problem concerning the actual Corona situation. As long as people keep social distance and/or use a mask.

Time duration: 1 hour

Price: 100 € this is the basis price, but it may increase accordingly to the distance of the place of ceremony

Honoring a tree