Energetic Home cleansing

Our homes are an extension of ourselves.

Offering an energetical home cleansing to a friend or family member is as well a wonderful SPECIAL BIRTHDAY PRESENT.

Our space tends to accumulate negative energy caused by either certain emotions and human experiences or specific details in the space structure itself.

And it is possible to remove that negative energy from your house, it’s called space clearing.

Our homes are an extension of ourselves — for better or worse, and it does affect us on multiple levels. It can cause problems with health and sabotage your success.

 This shamanic energetical home cleansing is a way of banishing negative energy from your home, and therefore from your life.

Energy remains in objects, especially older items. And depending on the energy type, they may physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually block our path forward.

When you hold onto unwanted “stuff,” there is no room for new opportunities to come into your life. So try to make sure that everything you own brings you joy.

After cleansing your home we will bring new intentions into it, so that your wishes and dreams become true. You will feel as new and have the feeling of a new home as well. Let yourself be surprised!

Note: before any energetical cleansing you have to tidy and organise your home and have everything in it’s proper place. No kind of itens should be in the floor.The whole house has to be clean and tidy. More details after appointment.

Time duration & Price: depends on how big the space is. Agreed after space details are given.

Home Cleansing Birthday Present