This initiation is intended for all those who have a genuine interest in starting a relationship with the sacred medicine of Cacao.

The spirit of the Cacao plant, mama Cacao, often called heart and rainbow medicine, is a feminine guardian of ancestral wisdom, working with the vibrations of loving kindness and unconditional love.

It is a powerful medicine that nourishes the soul and aligns the human heart with the rhythm of Mother Earth’s heart.

This initiation is a set of Earth-inspired wisdom through the alchemy of the Cacao plant, shamanic ancestral wisdom and also innovative scientific knowledge.

You will dwelve into the consciousness of this sacred plant, so that you can deepen your personal development journey towards healing and liberation.

What you GET from this initiation

  • the beginning of a relationship with mama Cacao
  • Learning to create your own ritual
  • Ways to use Cacao in everyday life to connect with the spirit of mama Cacao: the medicine diet and learning to listen
  • Practical tools to work with this medicine
  • Ceremonial Cacao Bar to take home and starting developing your OWN way with the Cacao Medicine


  • Cacao medicine heals the body, mind and spirit. It has a heart chakra expanding effect, is an aphrodisiac, opens the mind, makes it alert & focused, and causes joy and great relaxation.
  • Thymus gland expansion
  • Increase in the vibratory frequency of your entire energy body
  • Activation of new heart-brain neuronal circuits
  • Release of dense and toxic energies from the emotional and energetic system.
  • Superfood: Cacao contains the highest concentration of anti-oxidants & magnesium compared to any other food on earth. It also contains ingredients such as theobromine, zinc, copper, iron, vitamin C, omega 6 fatty acids and the neurotransmitter serotonin, among others. It is a real superfood that strengthens the immune system, promotes well-being and strengthens cardiovascular health.

What will you TAKE WITH YOU for life?

We are living a crucial moment in which Mother Earth is calling all of us to overcome our disconnection, and to feel part of the cosmic matrix of life again. Accessing this transition is in our hearts. It is the so-called revolution of the heart. Cacau medicine helps us in this process and will increase our vibratory frequency considerably. It is a true Reboot of your system.

After this initiation you will feel a great lightness and joy and with renewed strength and courage to free yourself from what you no longer need and start over. Your higher vibrational frequency will allow you access to a very clear intuition and intention that will guide you on your path. This initiation marks the beginning of a beautiful and powerful phase in your life.

Join the new revolution: the heart revolution!

This training is FOR YOU, WHO

-feel the call of mother Earth and ancestral wisdom

-want to know your body better

-want to improve your intimate and emotional health

-want to harmonize states of anxiety and restlessness

-want to start your circles

-want to contribute to the common good and to a new Earth

HOW is it going to happen

1st part

Friday from 8 to 11pm: Cacao ceremony

 2nd part

Saturday from 11 am to 7pm


Integration Online Meeting Zoom

21 days after the initiation

Energy exchange: 99€

Bonus offer for you: Cacao Ceremony (valued in 44€)

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