Celtic Festivals

Journey through the Celtic year

Much of Celtic Spiritual tradition is linked with the sun, the moon and the seasons of the year. The Celtic year begins in November (Samhain) and travels through eight seasons back again to Samhain.

Held within this yearly calendar with its eight festivals marking the important transitions times of the year are essential truths and core wisdom of the Celtic and pre-Celtic spiritual tradition.

Journeying through the Celtic year with the festivals and rituals to mark the transitional times, allows us to consciously engage with the energies present in each season. Since this calendar has both a cosmic and personal dimension this interaction enables us to live with more awareness and understanding of ourselves and the rhythm of our lives.  We learn that each season has specific qualities, energies and rhythms; bring gifts and challenges into our lives.  We learn that no season is better than another but that all are part of the dance of our lives.

Celebrating these important dates allows us to connect more deeply to nature, to feel our inseparability from mother Earth and in this process to heal ourselves as well as to ask for guidance in our quest in this Lifetime. Furthermore we are gifted in these rituals with a very powerful life force coming from the Earth and from all the magic that surrounds us.

We start to celebrate Samhain on the 31st October and go throughout the year till Beltane on the 1st May, usually always in the forest of Grünau.

Note: this event happening outside in the forest brings no restriction due to the present situation. If hold indoors we go online with Zoom.

Time of duration: 3 hours, Group Ritual

Price: varies