Earth Ceremony

“The Earth mother speaks to me. She is calling me home. I hear her voice in the sounds and songs that come to my ears. I feel her whisper in the winds and sing with the beauty that surrounds me. I smell her sweet and strong scents, urging me on my way. Her essence surrounds me, awakening within my vibral core, the center of my being.”

by Spider

An Earth ceremony is a most SPECIAL BIRTHDAY PRESENT in the times we are living now.

It is a very simple, humble and simultaneously powerful ceremony. In these days of crisis we are living, this is an urgent ceremony to heal ourselves and the Earth.

You, your loved ones and friends, we all gather to honor mother Earth.

As cells of mother Earth we gather to honor ourselves in this process.

When we gather in an Earth ceremony, we bring her offerings. Gifts from our hearts. We bring also our intentions, our personal ones and the ones we have for the Collective.

Together we co-create and envision our dreams and wishes sending them out to the universe.

Mother Earth and all the planetary family receives a lot energetically from these ceremonies. They are healing and uplifting for all of us.

Note: this ceremony is hold outdoors so it does’t represent any problem concerning the actual Corona situation. As long as the social distance is respected and /or masks are used.

Time duration: 60 to 90 minutes

Price: 100€ to 150€ the price may increase according to distance to the place of the ceremony

Earth ceremony birthday present