April 2021


Before there was the Word there was the Body

We come down to Earth in human bodies. Before we can say one word we ARE.

Therefore, the Word comes much later than the Body. We are some trillions of cells that communicate in the most complex sophisticated way.

Body super intelligence. After a while, we start to be trained to learn and use words, to focus on millions of words that make our millions of thoughts, in order to survive and to “get a life”. In school the words are much more important than the work with the body. Otherwise, instead of having languages as main subjects we would have dance, sport, handcraft as being the important subjects… in between this process, many of u start disconnecting from the body.

Our task now is, more than ever, to return again to our body, to the matter. The matter is the feminine element in all of us, women and men. That’s where we will find home and anchor to face up these challenging times.And this is also related to the accepting of our wilderness, the place where she lives: the Witch in us. The unpredictable side of ours that we hide from others and from ourselves. We are afraid. Because we remember.

The time has come to reclaim our wholeness.

Are you in?

So mothe it be.

Blessings ❤️ Maria dos Passos, Condor Woman 🦅 mother of the blue sky


New Moon 🌚 and Sacred Menstruation 🩸

When these two events happen simultaneously there is strong magic happening 🧬🧬🧬

The new moon is the phase in the lunar month of the darkness, it is the winter of the lunar month and the time of the goddesses Hestia and Hecate, the first the caretaker of the sacred hearth fire, and the second bringing the mystery…it is as well associated with the end of the lunar cycle, the death, symbolised by the dark moon, and that is exactly what happens in the sacred menstruation, we women undergo a shamanic death during these days to be reborn again…. every month.

Now the magic gets in more strongly when they come together, aligned, in sinchronicity.

As I go into this more introspective modus of my sacred menstruation, the moon goes as well, and this is a huge support in healing and working with difficult emotions that we might have trapped in ourselves during the rest of the month.

This is also a time in which I am more in the modus of receiving messages from the otherworld, ancestors or nature spirits (if I am quiet enough;)), my prayers, songs and spells feel now stronger, more infused with magic… my body is slower and asking for sacred pauses and my mind as well.

But for all this to happen you have to give it space in your life. With space I mean taking time, ME time, to do whatever comes to my body and mind, with no Must on the way. If possible take a day off at work, it will do wonders in your life. And then do whatever it might come: a walk in nature, a bath with herbs, a massage, singing or dancing… whatever comes, everything is allowed 😉

Dear woman, REmember the word Sacrament comes from the latin sacer mens that meaning: sacred menstruation in its original meaning! I invite you to give it a try and make it sacred. It’s never too late;)

Blessings in your heart,

❤️ Maria dos Passos, Condor Woman 🦅 mother of the blue sky


“Before there was the Word, there was the land, and it was made and watched over by women.” Sharon Blackie

Stories from almost every culture around the world tell us that once upon a time it was so. For many native tribes throughout America, Grandmother Spider continually spins the world into being. For the Andean peoples of South America, Pachamama is the world mother; she sustains all life on Earth. In Scotland and Ireland, the Cailleach – the old woman- made, shaped and protects the land and the wild things on it. In these and other Celtic nations, Danu gave birth to all the other gods and was mother to all the people who followed.

Women: the creators of life, the bearers of the Cup of knowledge and wisdom, personifying the moral and spiritual authority of this fertile green and blue Earth. Other indigenous cultures around the world may still respect and revere the feminine, but we Western women lost control of our stories a long time ago.

For many years I went on living in a “straight” line (so I thought in my patriarchy conditioned programmed mind), doing and doing things, achieving and achieving, but somehow, all along, lost in translation, not sure of my purpose. Mainly lost in the body of a cyclical woman with its ups and downs. Nowadays the study of mother-centered cultures and the study of women’s stories, our stories of creation, HERstory, has slowly brought me to a journey of authenticity and belonging. It has been a path of launching roots and belonging again to where I have always belonged: to the land, to the Earth.

Stories matter. They are not just entertainment – stories matter because humans are narrative creatures. It’s not simply that we like to tell stories and listen to them: it’s that narrative is hard-wired into us. It’s a function of our biology, and the way our brain has evolved through time. We make sense of the world and fashion our identities through the sharing and passing on of stories. And so the stories that we tell ourselves about the world and our place in it, shape not just our own lives, but the world around us. The cultural narrative is the culture. And culture is deeply rooted in intense feelings of belonging to place.

This is one of the pillars of the Mentorship Program I am offering and that I prepared for you dear woman, with all my love. A Mentorship on the Modern Witch: shamanism for the feminine. It’s about telling our stories,reclaiming the cultural narrative, these stories will gives us the courage and faith that we might well need in these times of fear.

So mothe it be!

Maria dos Passos, Condor Woman 🦅 mother of the blue sky