About me

Maria dos Passos

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal. As a lover of science & nature I started my career as a plant biologist and marine biologist.

In between, my spiritual journey started in the year 2000 with my first Reiki trainings. In 2003 I went to the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela where I met my future husband.

From then on, life has been my guru ever since. We moved to Africa, to the Cape Verde islands where we lived for 8 years and where I had the amazing experience of becoming a mother of three beautiful children.

In 2011 we moved adventurously to Berlin and after one year I started teaching Biology and Ethics at the European School of Berlin.

In the meanwhile the power plants called me, and in the very first ceremony I saw myself in a women’s circle. The feminine element in me was calling strongly and I followed the call of my intuition and founded the women circle Red Tent Moon Tribe.

Simultaneously I attended a shamanic training in Engel-Wolf Shamanism with Heidi Baatz and Andreas Kruger.

In 2018 I started studying mother-centered cultures and matriarchy and a new world opened before me. I conducted a few talks in Berlin and in Basel about this subject and my future Online Mentorship: Initiation in Shamanism for Women & Matriarchy Research (coming out in November 2021!), comes from this knowledge as well.

My work comes from the fusion of all these elements that I have been learning in all my life ever since.

At the moment I am attending a training in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids to learn more about Druidry and to deepen my path into the Earth mother.

My mission in this life is to support you in awakening to your magic, to your own brilliance, working as a Witch Medicine Woman and an Earthkeeper. In the past I started working only with women and now I am super happy to share with you men out there, that I have started as well supporting you in your path.

In March 2020, by the first Lockdown, I started offering the Standing with the Earth Ritual online and now we are Standing live, every saturday in Berlin. Join us…the Standing Comunity is growing, Standing with the Earth as an act of activism for the Earth and with the Earth.

Last but not least I am a passionate singer and use my voice and my music as a deep instrument for healing.

Gratitude & blessings

Maria, Condor Woman, mother of the blue sky