I was born in Lisbon, Portugal. As a lover of science & nature I started my career as a plant biologist and marine biologist.

In between, my spiritual journey started in the year 2000 with my first Reiki trainings. In 2003 I went to the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela where I met my future husband.

From then on, life has been my guru ever since. We moved to Africa, to the Cape Verde islands where we lived for 8 years and where I had the amazing experience of becoming a mother of three beautiful children.

In 2011 we moved adventurously to Berlin and after one year I started teaching Biology and Ethics at the European School of Berlin.

In the meanwhile the power plants called me, and in the very first ceremony I saw myself in a women’s circle. The feminine element in me was calling strongly and I followed the call of my intuition and founded the women circle Red Tent Moon Tribe.

Simultaneously I attended a shamanic training in Engel-Wolf Shamanism with Heidi Baatz and Andreas Kruger.

My work comes from the fusion of all these elements that I have been learning in all my life ever since.

At the moment I am attending a training in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids to learn more about Druidry and to deepen my path into the Earth mother.

My mission, working as a Witch Medicine Woman and an Earthkeeper, is to awaken the Sacred Ancestral Wisdom within, through Ceremony, Ritual, Circle and Storytelling. 

I facilitate the ritual “Standing with the Earth” in Berlin, every week as an act of activism for Mother Earth.

Last but not least I am a passionate singer and use my voice and my music as a deep instrument for healing.

I honor and study the ancestral medicines of Mother Earth, facilitating ceremonies and experiences, Also With the Sacred Medicine of Mama Cacao.

Gratitude & blessings

Mulher Condor, mãe do céu azul