3. SERIES Matriarchy Study Group

Start: October 2024

END: March 2025

After two years of our Study Group we are glad to invite you for the third round!

  • Introduction

We need new knowledge about our past so that we can dream a new potential future. In this Study Group we will focus on telling a new story of our cultural origins, because we believe that for a positive future we need connection to positive ancestral roots.

The peaceful pre-patriarchal societies worshiped the life-generating and nurturing powers of the universe and their societal model was one based not on hierarchy and ranking, but primarily in linking and connection to the whole. We need as women, more than ever at this present moment on earth, new female role models from which we can get inspiration to rise and move on.

In this third series of our Study Group we will start by focusing in women’s menstrual blood and its importance “herstorically”, as well as a source of true empowerment in the present days.  We will as well work energetic and shamanic with different Goddesses each bringing in a different quality to each session.

For this work, besides text analysis, we will as well use shamanic tools and storytelling.

  • This Study Group is for you when:

– you are in a transformational process at the moment

– you want to Re-Member yourself

– you want to transmute the anger and the guilt

– you want to stop being a victim

– you want to get to know yourself better

– you feel deeply the female collective wound

– you want to rise and… move on to live the life you deserve

Note: This work might trigger a strong emotional healing process in you so be sure to give the step in full faith & dedication. Your consistent commitment will bring you consistent results. Trust the process. This is our moment. Together we rise.

  • How & where is it going to happen:

1 Fire-Cacao Ceremony: Kick-off Start in Berlin

5 sessions Online

4 sessions LIVE in Berlin

  • Registration and payment:



Energy Exchange:

Early bird 388 € (till 21.09.24) Normal price 466€ for the whole course

If at the moment you can’t afford this value feel free to come to us and we will find a solution.

NOTE: To support this work a Matriarchy Workbook is included in the course fee.

Paypal to safe your spot: friedensweg@web.de, Family & Friends

Max. number of participants: 13

“According to the myriad images that have survived from the great span of the human prehistory on the Eurasian continents, it was the sovereign mystery and creative power of the female as a source of life, that developed into the earliest religious experiences. The Great Mother Goddess, who gives birth to all creation out of the darkness of her womb, became a metaphor for Nature herself, the cosmic giver and taker of life, ever able to renew Herself within the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth.”

Marija Gimbutas

Looking forward to rise with you,

Maria dos Passos & Lena Gebhardt