1st JUNE 2021

She is reclaiming her dark

She’s reclaiming her dark feminine as she heals the split. The word dark has been used to scare her away from the fullness of her essence for a long time. She was programmed into a belief that only light is pure, and the dark is evil. And thus was she separated from her power.

She was allowed to live and experience only the ‘good’ girl, and a very large part of her existence became unsanctioned. She got split between good & bad, and she was told that the good would get her acceptance & the bad would get her rejection. Her raw, mystical, wild, shamanic self was banished into the underground, to be perhaps visited in dreams.Her dark is nothing but her denied feminine. It is primal, NOT evil.

As her fear is disappearing, she’s refusing to live in guilt anymore. She’s untangling from shame, the single most powerful weapon to chain her. Her frequent journeys underground have revealed to her the immense power of the dark. She’s discovering she was never evil. All that she had hidden away in the dark was actually quite cool. It was just that she would have been too dangerous.

She’s reclaiming her wildness fully and unabashedly now. She knows that the dark is where things take birth. Deep in the earth’s womb is where the seed germinates, deep in her dark womb is where life begins to form.A connection to the dark brings her face to face to her mystical connection with life, death and rebirth. She accessing the power of blood mysteries. She’s travelling to the center of the universe, the black light of the cosmic womb, her most nourishing place now.

She’s reclaiming Kali, Lilith, Baba Yaga in her. In her embrace of her dark feminine, she’s healing the split of spirit from matter, heaven from earth, sacred from profane, human from divine, light from dark. She’s sacred. And it has no opposite.

Sukhvinder Sircar

I bow🙏


Maria dos Passos, Condor Woman, mother of the blue sky

10th JUNE 2021

Urban Jungle: living in a big city

I have been living in Berlin for 10 years now. Before Berlin I lived 8 years in a tropical island with the beach 800m away from home.

Nowadays, well quite for some time already, I can’t avoid thinking it is time to move away again to nature. I see friends moving out of town to live in nature, or moving away to my homeland in Portugal, away from the urban jungle.

The fact is that right now, this is not possible for me…. not yet 😉

And then, again, I think: it’s not necessary to live in a wild place or countryside to have a strong connection to the natural world. Yes, it happens in the city too. Yes it’s a city; yes, there is concrete- but it’s not a dead place.

There’s still nature, it just expresses itself differently.

Wherever you are, even in the heart of a city, at the very least you can find a plant growing out of a wall! And maybe the city teaches you to focus on the small things. It’s easy to dismiss the cities, but wildflowers grow there as well. Berlin is one of European capitals with more parks and is surrounded by lakes and forest… I myself live between two parks, the Gleisdreieck and the Viktoria Park and both of them have wonderful spots.

Furthermore and not less important, there are people in cities, who are just as concerned about the state of the planet… and proof of this are the Saturdays at the Gleisdreieck Park where we Stand with the Earth.

Besides I can do my work here as a medicine woman: indoors, outdoors, in the forest or by the lake…

And all this soothes my way and conforts me, leading me ultimately to the message: love the place you are in, it doesn’t matter what the place is.

At least for the present moment… and that is the only moment that exists;)

Aho Berlin urban jungle, I love you!

Blessings your ways,

Maria dos Passos Condor Woman, mother of the blue sky

Modern Witch Mentorship

18th June 2021

8 weeks went by now and the end of another Mentorship of the Modern Witch. A deep feeling of gratitude for these women that dared to make this journey…. It was magic and powerful with you and this is the message I leave you, my dear Witches, and to all of you out there as well…

“The world is listening to you. You are in this world and of it and it is in and of you and wherever you go you carry this gift with you. Be the power of the land speaking. Pass the gift on. Pass it on, and in this way we, like our female ancestors from long ago, like the goddesses of Sovereignity in our native mythology, become guardians and protectors of the land.

By taking up these ancient roles, we begin to restore life to the Wasteland. Refuse the continuing destruction, because what hurts the Earth hurts us. Because we are the whole Earth. We are the voices of the wells, we are the power of the land, speaking. Use your voice. Speak.This path, this revolution of belonging, necessarily entails accepting our responsibility towards our own places and comunities. It might be impossible to change the whole world in one go. If we have to do it little by little, one place at a time, then now is a good time to begin. Each of us sewing just one of the squares which contributes to the vast growing patchwork quilt of the world’s renewal.”

Sharon Blackie

Each time you make a step to love yourself more you make a step to love the Earth more. Use your voice. Speak. For yourself and for the Earth.Let’s go for it.

Let´s rock it!

Blessings your ways,💜

Maria dos Passos🧙

Condor 🦅Woman, mother of the blue sky